A Study On Comparative Advertising In Social Media: Example Of Turkey And Poland

?hsan Eken


Devolepments on globalization and communication technologies has effected advertisement as well as many other areas. New advertisement channels has come out by the Improvement in communication technologies. Social media is gaining more importance day by day in whole world and in our country, and the market share is increasing in whole advertisement channels.Consequently, social media is turning into an important advertisement channel. One of the methods used in advertisement is comparative advertisement. In comparative advertisement, both the advertiser submits his product's good quality compared to competior's and the consumer can have a chance to compare the products and make a better choice. Conversely, if the comparison in the advertisement is not objective, misleading and false informative, the advertiser exploitation and consumer misleading can occur; if the comparative advertisement is banned this can prevent the positive effects that should be reflected to competition and the consumer. At that point, the limits of the comparative advertisement must be determined. Depending on this, to see the effects of social media and globalization easily, the study purposes to observe the comparative advertisements used on social media in Turkey and Poland by content analysis method.


Social Media, Comparative Advertising, Turkey, Poland

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.17349/jmc114308


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