The Concept of Externalisation and Digital Media: Example of Soma


Social dynamics are related with the participants who potentially join in the interactive applications. The most important opportunity which is supplied by the digital media to the users is that; this enables listeners to be the speaker in this communication platform during the process. This platform has become a highly preferred media in order to express feelings, debate and talk about discomforts in terms of social and political problems. The main object of this study is to explicate the event called "Soma disaster" which took place on May 13th,2014 through the social media, Twitter; and to review the notions like externalisation and content sharing in accordance with digital media practices. For this purpose, the most popular 575 twits twitted between 13th and 15th May, 2014 were analyzed via Nvivo 10. When expressions were taken into consideration we could see that those twits mostly reflected the hostility towards the administration. Citizen responses were in the first stage while that of alternative media's were in the second grade. Through these datas it has been seen that people, who aren't able to reach out to the mainstream media, externalise their thoughts.


Digital Media, Externalisation, Twitter, Soma Disaster

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