Zhang Xiao, Yang Deling


In the realm of video, humans use machines to record human histories, beliefs, attitudes, desires, and dreams. Humans and a range of digital media devices are becoming increasingly fused into human-machines with trans-humanist lives and existences. Viewers stare at the screen, and the screen of the device stares back. Through data collection and analysis, machines can analyze and understand viewers choices of and reactions to videos. Through big data, the internet, and other means, machines are reaching the roots of video creation. Intelligent human-machine interaction in video creation and dissemination is happening. This re-use of data helps people to make decisions about the production and dissemination of video content. Human-machine interaction in video creation and dissemination is inevitable as machines intervene in a networked society and as big data and algorithms intervene in the emotional expressions of video creators.


Video, Human-Machines, Simulacra, Agent, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence

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