Amrita Datta


This paper[1] looks at and explores the socio-cultural experiences of exclusion and inclusion for Indian guest workers in Germany, within the larger discourse of economic globalization and international migration of labour, facilitated by various components, out of which, media stands out to be the most significant agency. At the theoretical level, the study draws directly from Arjun Appadurais concept of scapes coming together to constitute disjuncture of flows. Here guest-worker is not the quintessential gastarbeiter rather a league of Elite Migrants as they have come to be known as. They comprise mostly IT, Banking and Finance professionals and are a part of the global economy due to neoliberalism and transnational network. The salient focus of this paper is to explore the extent to which media acts as an agent of identity reproduction and sustenance for Indian guest workers in the host society and how that informs the overall interconnectedness of scapes.

[1] This paper is a part of the doctoral thesis titled Disjuncture of Flows: Experiences of Exclusion and Inclusion for Indian Guest-workers in Germany (2017)


Indian guest-workers in Germany, Arjun Appadurai, Mediascape, Identity, Stereotype, Ethnoscape

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