New Digital Marketing Actors: Private Shopping Clubs and Their Advertising Practices


Our country is going through rapid changes in all fields such as society, politics, economy, industry and technology. This change is reflected on retailers and their marketing strategies as well. In todays business world, which is characterized by intense competition, advertisers and marketers take advantage of Internet, social media and digital marketing in order to influence consumers. In this context, consumer-shopping behavior also changes parallel to technological developments and economic power. As a matter of fact, consumer motivations that underlie shopping behavior are very complex. However, consumers today want to spend their shopping time more efficiently and prefer to entertain themselves during shopping. Thus, consumers become more motivated for shopping by digital marketing.

In the first part of the study the concept of digital marketing and its historical background will be explained. In the second part online shopping behavior, online shopping training activities in Turkey and private shopping clubs will be examined. The last part of the study will deal with the advertising practices of private shopping clubs. The study is essentially a literature review; thus, the resources are mostly secondary in nature.


Digital marketing, private shopping clubs, advertising

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