Semiotic Analysis of E-Newspapers Interface Views within the Scope of Advertisements

Bahar Dincakman


Interface of a website is a designed and composed space and it is like a paper to be filled with visual and inscriptive datas. Advertisements on newspapers can reach to readers both by physical and virtual space. As district from traditional techniques, online advertisements realize presentation functions by the fee for taking place on web pages without any paper or print cost. However, with today's revised advertising policy laws, due to enhance of advertising spaces, the main information and images are almost stuck between the advertisements on webpage of e-newspapers. On the web interfaces of e-newspapers, almost half of the page is covered with advertisements without attention of design principles. In this context, with the purpose of arranging web pages more appropriately to the design principles and transferring actual information to the readers with more simple design approach the selected newspapers web interfaces will be discussed with semiotics.


E-newspaper, Interface; Advertisement; Design Principles; Semiotics

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